This passion of ours started when our founder, Emily Brown, was presented with various opportunities to see the world in a different light. She was apart of many programs that, when she was younger, offered her the opportunity to get an in-depth perception of governmental issues, schools, professions, the arts, giving back, and much much more.

Our partnership with our clients began with a vision of inclusion for the younger generations to make informed decisions about their futures. Fostering a safe place for our clients to explore what is available to them instills hope for their future and ours.

Being apart of The Empowerment Network means you are empowering youth to build a network of successful relationships within their communities and beyond to help them achieve personal, professional, and scholastic success in the future. We help them reach their full potential by facilitating these relationships and finding other resources for their interests to flourish.

Simply put, we are the middle men and women between the youth and their futures

We have lasting partnerships with other nonprofits, social impact ventures, businesses, and other entities that specialize in different avenues of our clients interests and neurodiversities. When we come together our Network can extend beyond our reach. Instead of becoming apart of TEN (The Empowerment Network), we become TEN.